Soil & Nutrition Management

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Contact Name: Deac Jones
Address: PO Box 609, Corte Madera, CA 94976
Phone Number: 415.785.7325
Contact Name: Larry Whitted

Larry Whitted provides vineyard monitoring and pest, disease and nutrition management recommendations.

Phone Number: 209.327.6472
Contact Name: Emily Smith
Address: 1540 Drew Ave, Davis, CA 95618

Marrone Bio Innovations has been at the forefront of finding and developing new crop protection.

Phone Number: 805.458.3173
Address: P.O. Box 728, Oakdale, CA 95361

Mid Valley Agricultural Services, Inc. is a full service chemical and fertilizer retailer with multiple locations throughout the Central Valley of California.  Founded in 1983, Mid Valley Ag aims to meet and exceed the agronomic needs of today’s growers.  Currently, we employ over two hundred individuals who represent the heart and soul of the company.  They comprise our administration, operations, sales and technical service departments.  Together these departments work to deliver the best products, with the knowledge and expertise that they require, in an efficient and timely manner.  Whether you have a question regarding pest management, are seeking to increase yields, or need help improving the productivity of your operation, Mid Valley Ag has the solution for you.

Phone Number: 209.851.3200
Contact Name: Justin Leavens
Address: 188 106th Ave NE, Suite 401, Bellevue, WA 98004

How does a grower double yeast available nitrogen, guarantee crop nutrition, and instantly restore soil microbes in one easy annual application? It’s simple, Broadcast apply one ton of Perfect Blend at embryonic bunching.  Custom guaranteed formulations available.

Phone Number: 805.216.5260
Contact Name: Stan Grant
Address: PO Box 2134, Turlock, CA 95381

Vineyard design, development, & management consulting; vineyard trouble shooting; viticultural reaseach

Phone Number: 209.614.2565
Contact Name: Jan Candler
Address: 720 N. Sacramento St, Lodi, CA 95240

At San Joaquin Sulphur we carry a full line of pest and crop management products: crop inputs, fertilizers, soil and petiole analysis and nutrient plans, pest control advisors, field monitoring, spray equipment and parts, safety gear and PPE, farm supply, owl boxes and poly tanks.  We carry much more than just sulphur!

We are locally and independently owned and operated since 1941!

Phone Number: 209.368.6676
Contact Name: Dr. Bhanu Donda or Dr. Sam Livingston
Address: 677 E Olive Ave, Turlock, CA 95380

Sunburst Plant Disease Clinic, Inc. is a diagnostic lab, offering Virus (Leafroll, Red blotch, Fan leaf etc), Phytoplasma, Viroid, Fungus (vine declind, mildew, canker etc.), Bacteria (Pierce’s, Crown gall etc), and Nematode testing services.  We are permitted by CDFA and USDA  for plant disease testing and accredited by NSHS for seed health testing.  We also offer remedial programs to  help combat the disease using our ‘360 Approach’ to agriculture.

Phone Number: 209.667.4442
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Western Weather Group, Inc
Contact Name: Nathan Lohse
Address: 686 Rio Lindo Ave, Chico, CA 95926

Western Weather Group is a team of meteorologists and physical scientists that specialize in agricultural weather forecasting and environmental monitoring solutions.  A weather station from Western Weather Group gives a grower site specific information that allows them to make important decisions about their crop.  Systems can be tailored to a grower’s monitoring needs such as soil moisture, ETo, or frost as well as their budget.  For over 30 years the Western Weather Group team has been assisting growers in California manage their weather risks.

Phone Number: 530.342.1700
Contact Name: Galen Schmiedt or Sarah Vendetti
Address: 4707 Twin Cities Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95757
Phone Number: 209.329.8448 or 916.776.2113
Email: or