Meet Our Staff

Stuart Spencer

Stuart Spencer

Executive Director


Stuart was appointed Executive Director of the Lodi Winegrape Commission in 2018. Prior to that, he worked as the Commission’s Program Manager since 1999. Over the years, Stuart has been involved in many of the Commission’s marketing, education, and research activities which have focused on raising public awareness about Lodi grapes and wines.

Stuart is actively involved in the Commission’s consumer and trade marketing events including ZinFest and Lodi Wine & Chocolate. He has developed many of the Commission’s promotional materials including websites, ad campaigns, and public relations, including the Lodi Wine marketing campaign. As Stuart is also the proprietor of St. Amant Winery, he is the Commission’s onsite industry expert and is a regular spokesperson on all things Lodi.

Jeremy Bowe

Jeremy Bowe

Lodi Wine Visitor Center Manager & Wine Club Coordinator


Jeremy, who has worked for the Commission since 2009, manages the Lodi Wine Visitor Center located on the beautiful Wine & Roses property. The Center offers wine tastings with a focus on promoting public awareness and appreciation for the uniqueness of Lodi grapes and wine. The Lodi Wine Visitor Center staff provides guests with a memorable experience and directs them to local tasting rooms to further explore Lodi Wine Country. We are always looking to expand the selection of Lodi wines featured at the Visitor Center. Jeremy works with the public to organize a number of special events including private tastings and educational seminars. He also manages the 650-member wine club, which showcases premium Lodi wines.

Contact Jeremy with inquiries regarding:

Sherri Cascaden

Sherri Cascaden

Event Coordinator


Sherri coordinates the planning and management of the Commission’s many Lodi wine events including ZinFest and Lodi Wine & Chocolate, and the Lodi Road Trip. Sherri also helps coordinate the logistics of grower events including socials and field days. She has years of experience giving the public a fun and enjoyable experience with Lodi wine, as she started with the Commission in 2005.

Contact Sherri with inquiries regarding:

  • ZinFest
  • Lodi Wine & Chocolate
  • Lodi Wine Country and other Commission-sponsored wine events
  • Winery directional signage
  • Winery Roadshows events
  • Lodi winery weekly email
Stephanie Bolton, PhD

Stephanie Bolton, PhD

Research & Education Director | Sustainable Winegrowing Director


Dr. Stephanie Bolton joined the Lodi Winegrape Commission in 2016, after earning a doctoral degree in Plant Pathology with a focus on grapes & wine. She has extensive experience in the wine industry, including educational program development and communications with growers, wineries, and consumers.  At the Commission, Stephanie works closely with LWC staff, committee members, and growers to lead efforts and direct programming in research, education, grower communications, and sustainability under the rigorous LODI RULES program.  She is the LWC’s main liaison for the grower community and is dedicated to actively supporting their ever-changing needs for a progressive, successful future.

Contact Stephanie with questions regarding:

Gabriella Goode

Administrative Assistant


Gabriella provides essential support for the Commission’s wine events, marketing efforts, grower outreach, and meetings, while also giving general administrative assistance to the Commission’s other staff members.

Contact the Administrative Assistant with inquiries regarding:

  • Meeting and event RSVP
  • Continuing education credit
  • Updating grower contact information
  • Wine event ticket orders
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • General Commission related questions

Kim Cassetta

Accounting Manager

Kim coordinates the Accounting functions for the Commission.  She is responsible for maintaining financial, legal, and personnel records for the organization.  If you have questions or concerns with assessments, contributions or invoices please contact Kim.


  • Process and maintain all payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable functions
  • Administer all Lodi Wine Visitor Center financial functions including banking, sales tax, and inventory reconciliation
  • Maintain all legal records and documentation including election, commissioner terms, board & committee agendas and minutes, legal grower list, conflict of interest statements, and ensure compliance with Bagley-Keene laws
  • Process assessments and track commission revenue
  • Produce and maintain all financial records and assist in yearly budgetary process and audit