Mio Vigneto

Company Name: Mio Vigneto
Contact Name: Dwight Busalacchi

My wife and I are a small grower on the East Side of the valley on Kettleman Lane. Currently we have seven of our twenty acres planted in small blocks. The purpose of this was to grow small lots of premium grapes for small wineries.

Currently we have:

2 acres of Sauvignon Blanc in its eighth leaf, producing about 4-5 tons each of the Musque clone and clone 530. Wine made from these grapes, third leaf, was awarded one of two gold medals at the 2013 San Francisco International Wine Competition.

1 acre each of Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera and Petite Sirah, that should come up in limited production in 2017.

2 acres of Ribolla Gialla, that won’t come into production until 2018.

Phone Number: (415) 531-6450
Email: dwightb@miovigneto.com
Varieties: Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera, Petite Sirah, Ribolla Gialla