Grower and Supplier Directory

VSP coverWhat is the Directory?

The Directory is a tool for connecting growers, wineries, and vineyard suppliers. The Directory is divided into two parts: the Lodi Grower Directory and the Vineyard Supplier Directory. Wineries can use the Lodi Grower Directory to source growers producing specific grape varieties or who have certified sustainable acreage. If you are a grower, use the Vineyard Supplier Directory to find local businesses who provide the supplies and services you need for successful vineyard management.

How to use the Directory:

All participating Lodi growers are listed in the Growers and/or Lodi Rules Sustainable categories below.  Participating vineyard suppliers can be found in the Vineyard Suppliers category. Click on the category or sub-category you are interested in, and select from the list provided. The listing displays 15 growers/suppliers at a time by default (in alphabetical order), so be sure to check the rest out as well by clicking on “next” at the bottom of the page.

If you already have information about the grower or supplier you are searching for (e.g. name or contact information) you can use the “Find Listings” search tool. Enter the information you have, and click on “Find Listings.”

To update your information or to be included in this Directory, contact or call (209)367.4727.  The deadline for participation in the 2017 printed Directory is January 20th, 2016.  The 2013 Vineyard Supplier Directory is available here as a PDF file.

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