Camron King
Executive Director

Camron King(209) 367-4727

Camron King is the Executive Director of the Lodi Winegrape Commission, overseeing all of the Commission’s marketing, promotion, strategic planning, and regional branding efforts, as well as grower constituent relations. He is the the primary spokesperson for the Lodi wine industry. In addition to his work at the Commission, Camron serves on the Program Development Committee for the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium, as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Grape and Wine Initiative, and contributes his expertise and knowledge to a number of other organizations. He has served the wine industry for over a decade, working prior as the Vice President of State Government Relations for the California Association of Winegrape Growers and as a public policy representative and spokesperson for the statewide winegrowing industry. King attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and California State University, Sacramento studying Environmental Horticulture and Government/Public Policy and Administration, respectively.


Molly Bjork
Administrative Assistant

Molly Bjork(209) 367-4727

Molly provides essential support for the Commission’s wine events, marketing efforts, grower outreach, and meetings. She also gives general administrative assistance to the Commission’s other staff members. Contact Molly with inquiries regarding:

  • Meeting and event RSVP
  • Continuing education credit
  • Updating grower contact information
  • Wine event ticket orders
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • General Commission related questions


Jeremy Bowe
Lodi Wine and Visitor Center Manager & LoCA Wine Club Coordinator

Jeremy Bowe(209) 365-0621

Jeremy runs the Lodi Wine and Visitor Center. The Center offers wine tasting with a focus on promoting public awareness and appreciation for the uniqueness of Lodi wines. Jeremy’s staff works to give visitors a memorable wine experience and direct them to local tasting rooms to further explore Lodi wine country. He is always looking to expand the selection of Lodi wines featured at the Visitors’ Center. Jeremy works with the public to organize a number of special events including private tastings and educational seminars. He also manages the LoCA wineclub, which showcases premium Lodi wines. Contact Jeremy with inquiries regarding.

  • LoCA Wine Club
  • Expand the selection of Lodi wines sold at the Visitors’ Center
  • Recommendations for Lodi wines and wineries
  • Organizing special events such as private tastings, tutorials, and demonstrations
  • Tour groups


Sherri Cascaden
Event Coordinator

Sherri Cascaden(209) 367-4727

Sherri coordinates the planning and management of the Commission’s many Lodi wine events including ZinFest, Lodi Wine and Chocolate, and the Lodi Road Trip. Sherri also helps coordinate the logistics of grower events including socials and field days. She has years of experience giving the wine public a fun and enjoyable experience with Lodi wine. Contact Sherri with inquiries regarding:

  • Lodi Wine Country or Commission sponsored wine events
  • Vineyard Supplier Directory
  • Winery directional signage
  • Winery Roadshows events
  • LoCA smartphone app


Margie Joyce

(209) 367-4727

Margie is responsible for all in house accounting and payroll. She prepares the monthly Financial and Budget Reports. Contact her for inquiries regarding:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable


Jenny Heitman
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Jenny Heitman(209) 367-4727

Jenny coordinates the Commission’s many marketing and advertising efforts. She works to accomplish one of the Commission’s major objectives: Promoting awareness of the Lodi region among consumers and members of the press through innovative social media platforms as well as traditional marketing and advertising. She also works with the Commission’s PR firm on press communications as well as the Commission’s advertising agency to secure advertising placements in print publications and online. Contact Jenny with inquiries regarding:

  • Media and trade communications
  • LoCA advertising campaign
  • and Commission event websites
  • LoCA Facebook
  • @Lodi_Wine Twitter
  • Lodi winery weekly email
  • Commission event promotion


Stuart Spencer
Program Manager

Stuart Spencer(209) 367-4727

Stuart has been the Program Manager for the Lodi Winegrape Commission since 1999. Over the years, Stuart has been involved in many of the Commission’s marketing, education, and research activities which have focused on raising public awareness about Lodi wines. Stuart is actively involved in the Commission’s consumer and trade marketing events including Zinfest and Lodi Wine & Chocolate. He has developed many of the Commission’s promotional materials including websites, ad campaigns, and public relations, including the latest LoCA marketing campaign. Stuart is the Commission’s onsite wine expert and is a regular spokesperson on all things Lodi. Contact Stuart with questions regarding:

  • LoCA advertising campaign
  • General wine making question