Mission and successes

Commission officeIn 1991, local growers voted to fund the Lodi Winegrape Commission. With its $1,000,000 annual budget, the Commission’s programs focus on marketing, viticulture research, and grower outreach. The Commission represents 750 winegrowers farming nearly 100,000 acres of winegrapes, and is successfully moving the Lodi region into the 21st Century.


  • To serve the common interests of all Lodi Crush District 11 winegrape producers and to enhance the profitability of winegrape production through promotion, research, and education.


  • Raise awareness of the Lodi wine region among the wine industry, media, and wine consumers.
  • Enhance recognition of the Lodi region through expanded use of the Lodi appellation on wine labels, by facilitating development of wineries in the district, and by supporting wine oriented tourism.
  • Provide growers with information, materials, education and strategies directed at profit improvement.
  • Facilitate two-way communication among growers and vintners concerning characteristics of quality that enhance the value of grapes and wine.
  • Create opportunities for Lodi growers to supply vintners serving higher retail price segments and improve the relative value of their grapes in the California market.
  • Conduct a proactive viticultural research program to maintain Lodi’s technological leadership in the winegrape industry.
  • Identify and encourage implementation of environmentally benign and economically viable pest, weed, disease, and cultural strategies through the district-wide sustainable viticulture program.


  • Over the past 20 years the acreage of winegrapes has nearly doubled while the crop value has quadrupled. In 1998, Lodi had only 10 wineries. Now just a decade later the number has increased to 75 wineries, and continues to grow.
  • The number of “Lodi” labeled wines has grown from only a handful in 1991, when the Commission was formed, to over 450 Lodi labels today.
  • The Commission conducts the industry’s first and most successful sustainable viticulture program, the Lodi Rules, to sustain our vineyards for generations to come.
  • The Commission operates the “Lodi Wine & Visitor Center”, the most exciting regional wine tasting center in California.
  • The commission collaborates with local vintners on the “Lodi Wine Country” Marketing Campaign which sponsors numerous events that bring tens of thousands of wine tourists to Lodi annually.